Would you like to share your fieldwork experience in a tale?


If you’re up for it, first of all you should familiarise yourself with the goal and the contents of “Tales from the field” (Chroniques du terrain). Then, you should frame your experience in one of the four processes i.e Questioning, Exploring, Grasping ou Sharing that organise our research practices and our website. Next, get writing!



Your proposal must include the following elements:


    • a short title;
    • a short description of the entry;
    • a high-resolution image that illustrates your contribution (in a separate file);
    • Your text: your tale should begin with an ethnographic vignette that provides a specific introduction. Building on the opening ethnographic vignette, it should identify and problematise a specific methodological aspect. Last, the text describes the steps taken in order to successfully complete the research project and it gives some methodological tips resulting from this experience; 
    • References: if your tale includes references, please list these bibliographic references;
    • Bibliography: if you do not cite any references, you can recommend 2-4 references that should be meant as a resource for the readers to extend the reflection in your entry.
    • Keywords: between 4 and 6 methodological keywords;
    • If applicable, documents to attach to your tale: consent forms, letter models and so on.


Some figures for you:

    • The text for your tale must not exceed 1,500 words;
    • Your tale must be accompanied by a brief description of the research project that it refers to (max. 250 words) and a short bionote (max. 100 words);
    • Please send us a high-resolution picture of you (in a separate file).


You may publish your tale in two (or more) languages: one of the website’s languages, as well as any other language you wish to use.


Is everything ready? Send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Each submission will be evaluated and commented on by the editorial collective. The authors may be asked to revise their contributions. The decision to publish a tale is made by the editorial collective.